Dr. Abdul-Aziz and his EWREL lab moved to the Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering at the West Virginia University, Morgantown as of Fall 2015 ( Please contact him at <>


Dr Abdul-Aziz_Mt St Helens_WAOmar I. Abdul-Aziz, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, Civil & Environmental Engineering, WVU.


Post-Doctoral Associates:

Pic11. Dr. Khandker S. Ishtiaq (WVU, January 2016-present) CV

ACD14-0115-0052. Dr. Mehrnoosh Mahmoudi (FIU, December 2014-June 2015) CV

yongzhi Liu3. Dr. Yongzhi Liu (FIU, September 2013-August 2014) CV

Ph.D. students:

Pic11. Khandakar S. Ishtiaq (FIU, 2012-2015). Dissertation title:  “Robust Modeling and Predictions of Greenhouse Gas Fluxes from Forest and Wetland Ecosystems.”

Photo-Shakil Ahmed2. Shakil Ahmed (FIU, 2014-2015; WVU, 2015 – present). CV

photo3. Erfanul Huq (FIU, 2014-2015; WVU, 2015 – present). CV

photo_siddik4. Mohammad A. Z. Siddik (WVU, 2015 – present). CV

photo_mahmood5. Mahmood Khan (WVU, 2015 – present). CV

photo_selina6.  Selina J. Sumi (WVU, 2015 – present). CV

M.S. students:

Photo1. Tasnuva Mahjabin (FIU, 2014 – 2015); Thesis title: “Long-term Trends in Magnitude and Frequency of Extreme Rainfall Events in Florida.” CV

PP_saif2. Mohammad S. Islam (FIU, 2014 – 2015); Thesis title: “Impacts of Climate, Land Cover and Hydrologic Changes on Stormwater Runoff in Central Florida.” CV

Shams Al-Amin3. Shams Al-Amin (FIU, 2012 – 13); Thesis title: “Climate, Land Use and Hydrologic Sensitivities of Stormwater Quantity and Quality in Complex Coastal Urban Watersheds.” CV

4. Nicole Anderson (FIU, 2012 – 13). Non-thesis. CV

Undergraduate students:

photo_ArleneArlene LaRocque (Summer 2015, FIU)

photo_ShaquonShaquon Samuel (Summer 2015, FIU)

photo_LEROY AntoineAntoine Leroy (Summer 2015, FIU)

photo_Francois KERHOAS_2015François Kerhoas (Summer 2015, FIU)

Photo_BrendaBrenda Dantas (Summer 2015, FIU)

photo_PaulloPaulo Lucas (Summer 2015, FIU)

photo_AmandaAmanda Santos(Summer 2015, FIU)

photo_RaissaRaissa B. Silva (Summer 2015, FIU)

 Ynaja Juste (Summer 2015, FIU)

Fritz Fenelus (Summer 2015, FIU)

Woudeline Lucdor (Summer 2015, FIU)

Sabrina MendezSabrina A. Mendes (Summer 2014, FIU)

photo_AllyssonAlysson Kildary (Summer 2014, FIU)

photo_MiltonMilton E. Reinoso (Summer 2014, FIU)

photo_Charles HugesHugues E.Charles (Summer 2014, FIU)


Felipe S. Monteiro (Summer 2014, FIU)